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At Mama's Knee

Bash Publications

The memoirs of Gluckel of Hamelm are famous for their portrayal of the Jewish experience in17th-century Germany. Those memoirs now come to life in At Mama's Knee, a novelization of the episodes depicted by Gluckel. At Mama's Knee tells Gluckel's stories through the eyes of her daughter Tzipporah. Gluckel's family experienced triumph and tragedy,joy and heartbreak, hope and despair. Through it all Gluckel and her family were guided by an unswerving faith in G-d.We are catapulted back in time to life in aEuropean ghetto. It was a life whose dangers for Jews were many: the plague, social and economic anti-Semitism, and physical danger at every turn.The taste of the old world permeates At Mama's Knee. It is a world where a comet is cause forconcern; where marriage is contracted by parents; where a trip to another town can be deadly; where the essence of Jewish tradition is passed from mother to daughter. We acquaint ourselves with our heritage as we learn about our glorious ancestors. At Mama's Knee is thrilling, poignant reading for teenagers and adults alike.