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In the Footsteps of the Prophets vol. 1


Before the sun of Moshe had set, the sun of Yehoshua had already risen. When the time came for Moshe to depart this world, Hashem said to him: Climb to the top of Mount Avarim, look about you, and see the Land of Israel before you are gathered unto your people.Moshe asked whether his sons could succeed him, but Hashem told him otherwise: No. Your sons will not be the nations leaders after you die. Rather Yehoshua, the talmid who served you so loyally all these years, will inherit your position. Who, better than you, knows how truly worthy he is of that position? Did he not hurry each morning and evening to your place of study to set up the benches and arrange the mats neatly on the floor? He truly deserves to lead the nation. He will guide the People of Israel as they enter the Promised Land. Hashem noticed Moshes disappointment that his sons would not succeed him, and He comforted him: Are not your brother Aharons sons like children to you? They will succeed their father as kohanim, but you are the teacher of Torah, and Torah scholars are appointed on their own merits! Moshe, the humblest of all men, accepted this solace from Hashem. And he sincerely rejoiced that his disciple, Yehoshua, would lead.

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