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Let us Make Man


The pursuit of happiness and the search for peace of mind are as ancient as mankind itself, yet these goals have so often been elusive. Although modern psychology had elucidated many of the causes of human distress, and the knowledge has become a panacea. For the Jew, the timeless wisdom of the Torah and the guidelines for living provided by Jewishness could appear to be a solution. Yet, many who are commited to Jewishness are no less distressed. Indeed, they may be disappointed in their failure of their practice of Jewishness to achieve the elusive goals. The key to the problem may be man's misperception of reality, the reality of his very self. This is the theme of Let Us Make Man, wherein Dr. Abraham Twerski, a psychiatrist and a Torah scholar, brings together psychological insights and a wealth of wisdom inherent in Jewishness, to suggest a way in which people may come to know and value the most important component of their lives: themselves. The attainment of self-esteem through Jewishness may not be a simple task, but many people expend great effort to acquire what they believe to be their needs. In Let Us Make Man, Dr. Twerski contends that true self-awareness is most fundamental of all human needs, and can be attained through Jewishness.

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