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Megillas Esther with Rashi’s Commentary

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Megillas Esther with Rashi’s Commentary

 By Rabbi Yisrael Isser Zvi Herczeg

Explore the depths of Megillas Esther with our comprehensive edition, featuring Rashi’s Commentary in its original Hebrew text. This beautifully crafted volume not only provides the original Hebrew Megillah but also includes Rashi’s commentary, complete with vowels for ease of reading. Delve deeper into the ancient wisdom with Rashi elucidated — an exceptionally clear and accessible English translation of Rashi’s insights. Our edition stands out for its meticulous attention to Rashi’s precise wording, offering a word-by-word, concept-by-concept commentary that ranks among the most thorough available. Enhance your understanding with hundreds of detailed footnotes, including sources and advanced explanations. This book is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking a profound comprehension of the Megillah, and an essential tool for the study of Rashi’s works. Embrace the opportunity to understand the Megillah as Rashi did, with a level of clarity and depth unparalleled in other editions.

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