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February 5, 2023:

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Stepping Stones

From time to time, pivotal events in our lives present us with singular opportunities for personal growth and insight into human nature. These events punctuate our lives like stepping stones on the lifelong journey to maturity. In this outstanding collection of short stories, the author has succeeded in capturing some of these precious moments.

While the stories all have the common thread of rising to the challenge of the occasion, they range widely in theme and plot, dealing with sibling rivalry, cantankerous grandmothers, hostile neighbors, crippling accidents, learning disabilities, popularity, friendship, peer pressure and coping with tragedy. The stories are told in a light and witty style, with uncanny perception and sensitivity to the emotional nuances. The characters, deftly drawn with short but vivid strokes, emerge as distinct and sharply delineated individuals with captivating and appealing personalities.

With "Stepping Stones" as her first book, Miriam Kosman establishes herself as an important writer of great talent, and her future works will be eagerly awaited.