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The Cheery Bim Band Volume 6


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Eli Taub is the newest member of the Cheery Bim Band! With his many years of experience on the trumpet, the boys are sure he'll add a new dimension to their band. But then they hear him play at their first practice. Gavriel Weintraub is horrified. With Eli playing along with them, the Cheery Bim Band isn't fit to be heard. And Zevy Grey's bar-mitzvah is in two weeks! Yossi Belsky is also worried about Eli, but he's got problems of his own. With his father needing him at the store every Sunday, he barely has time to make it to practice, not that he's missing much, with the band's new, off-key sound. Moshe Chaim Kramer, Shaya Ginsburg and Binyamin Weintraub join Gavriel in trying to interest Eli in other pursuits. Even Reb Velvel tries to help, but Eli remains committed to the band. Will the boys have to choose between Eli's feelings and the reputation of the Cheery Bim Band? Find out in Trumpet Trouble!

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