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The Cheery Bim Band Volume 7


Moshe Chaim Kramer was worried about the way Reb Velvel looked after they finished band practice on a cold November day. And why was Reb Velvel willing to close his store early? Gavriel Weintraub decided that the band should pay a visit, and it's a good thing they did. The next time the band would visit, Reb Velvel would be in the hospital. Shaya Ginsburg was relieved to hear Reb Velvel's prognosis, but now he has problems of his own. Will he be able to overcome his stage fright and perform a solo for the Cheery Bim Band? Binyamin Weintraub and Yossi Belsky can't understand Shaya's hesitation. With his great voice, he's sure to be a hit. And with Reb Velvel playing along, this Chanukah will be the band's best performance ever! Will Reb Velvel make it to the performance? Will Shaya make it trough his solo? Find out in...Stage Fright!

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