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The Cheery Bim Band Volume 8

Gavriel Weintraub has done it again! He's come up with the perfect idea for a Purim performance. Playing for the boys of the Jewish Awareness Program will not only give them a taste of a real Purim, but will also give the band free advertising before a whole new audience. Moshe Chaim Kramer is a bit skeptical...and soon his misgivings prove right. The boys from the Jewish Awareness Program aren't the least bit interested in spending a Sunday afternoon with a bunch of yeshivah boys. Mark Abramson is the only one with a different opinion, he'd do anything to spend time with the Cherry Bim Band. His father, though, is adamant: no yeshivah for his only son! Shaya Ginsburg can see no solution to Mark's proplem. How can they help Mark convince his father that a yeshivah is the right place for his son? Binyamin Weintraub and Yossi Belsky join in, as the Cheery Bim Band show the boys of the Jewish Awareness Program what Purim and yiddishkeit are all about. Be part of the fun! It's Party Time!