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The Cheery Bim Band Volume 9

Gavriel Weintraub can't understand why his sister Miriam is acting so strange. But when the two boys spot a mysterious car in the driveway one day after school, they discover that Miriam has been keeping secrets, and that they're the last to find out! Binyamin Weintraub can't wait to meet his new brother-in-law to be. But time after time, the two boys end up just missing Menashe. Will they ever get to know the newest member of their family? Moshe Chaim Kramer is happy for his friends, but he has his own simchah coming up soon. And his parents are determined that everything should be perfect at their only son's bar mitzvah, perhaps too perfect. Will there be any way for him to enjoy his big day? Shaya Ginsburg and Yossi Belsky are concerned about Moshe Chaim's gloomy mood. But they're also concerned about the band! Without Moshe Chaim playing on his drums, can there be a Cheery Bim Band? Find out in...Face The Music!