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The Eternal Link


Hindsight is 20-20, When we look back at history, we can see perfectly the causality which leads from event to event. Removed far enough in time from what happened we can grasp the complete picture, from the first seemingly insignificant detail to the final act of the drama. The power of insight Is much greater. Insight allows a person to perceive situations before they even happen. It allows people, and even nations, to avert disaster before it is too late by giving then the ability to recognize the course of events in advance. As the blueprint for creation the Torah is a complete vision of all of existence, including the dynamics of history. To know Torah is to know the complete picture, to know history and to share a vision of existence with the Creator Himself. Torah provides hindsight and insight to anyone who cares to take the time to study it and properly understand its message.To those who are steeped in Torah learning this is obvious. Is it any wonder why they devote so much of their day to the study of it? Unfortunately, countless others have had the exposure to Torah on this level. For then the mysteries the Torah contains will remain just that until they have embarked on this long and wondrous journey into divine understanding. - In truth, this must be so, for there must first exist a relationship to Torah before one can appreciate and relate to Torah as it is, as it ought to be in the mind and heart of the Jew. Until such time, the stories are only stories, and seemingly apparent inconsistencies are inconsistencies and not the portals to deeper and more profound levels of understanding which they actually are. For thousands of years the Torah has guided the Jewish people through every kind of society in every age. Even today, as man- Kind breaks through barriers that only twenty years seemed distant dreams, Torah not only survives, it thrives;often as a direct result of the demands of modern life without leaving behind even one Halachah (Jewish law). And if Torah is eternal, then so are the Jewish people when connected to Torah. It is Torah that provides the links, the eternal links in the chain that so far has remained unbroken. But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, as strong as the Torah that binds each generation. If we are to preserve the unbroken chain of Jewish tradition, then we must, without fail, retain an unbroken chain of Torah tradition. The concept of a graphic timeline is not new, hut the historical perspectives presented in these books are for the most pan unique. Information is graphically juxtaposed for easy cross- reference, which often results in more insight and a greater grasp of the events that have brought us as a nation into the twentieth century.

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