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The Golden Gate by Sukey Gross


The Golden Gate is the third volume in a series of junior fiction entitled "The Girls of Rivkah Gross Academy". In The Golden Gate, the girls are treated to a surprise trip to San Francisco to attend the Bar Mitzvah of a cousin. Before they leave on their trip, the girls suspect that they are being followed by a mysterious Oriental, but they dismiss the thought as too absurd. Once they arrive in California, however, they find that their suspicious were not so absurd, that grave danger faces their family members and that the key to the mystery lies in their own hands. Through the experience of the California branch of the family, The Golden Gate, also offers a great deal of insight into the difficulties of bringing up a frum family in a community far removed from the great centers of Torah and Yiddishkeit. In The Golden Gate, Sukey Gross has written an adventuresome and inspiring book that will surely delight the ever-growing readership of "The Girls of Rivkah Gross Academy".

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