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The Obvious Proof


What would you think if you found a watch in the desert? Would you think it came there of itself ? Or would you think someone made it and brought it there? And, if so, does it not follow that the world, which is infinitely more complex than a watch, also has a Maker?This hypothetical situation forms the basis of the oldest and roost classicproof of universal design and the existence of a Creator, In spite of theseemingly overwhelming force of the ?watch in the desert? argument, how-ever, denial of the Creator still persists in secular intellectual circles. In TheObvious Proof Gershon Robinson and Mordechai Steinman discuss psychological mechanisms that trigger this irrational denial, after which they presentan original arid ingenious observation that convincingly drives home theirThe Obvious Proof is a revised and expanded Edition of the highly popular The 2001 Principle. It is a relatively short book that accomplishes itspurpose. with surprising clarity and depth. And although it addresses questionsOf great profundity, its lively and entertaining style makes it a page-turner thatpulsates with the power of the obvious truths it espouses

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