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The Steipler


The Steipler. The very mention of the name evokes in those who knew him a feeling of tremendous awe and reverence, much the same as the mere entry into his home at Rechov Rashbam 10 in Bnei Brak during his lifetime made one tremble and repent as if on the doorstep of the Holy of Holies. As the author, M. Sofer, wonders in the poetic introduction to his work: Where is the pen with enough ink to describe him? Where does one find the proper words to write? Is it possible at all to portray such a giant, whose gadlus reached the highest of heights?! Yet the author presents us with a two-volume work, an attempt to capture the halo of holiness which permeated his very being, to tell the countless incredible stories of those who came to him for advice and blessings, and to trace his superhuman dedication to the study of Torah and performance of mitzvos throughout his lifetime. The result is an account outstanding both in its poignancy and its accuracy, as the wealth of information gathered herein is related from the vantage point of those who were zocheh to bask in the gadol's light and observe his every move first-hand. Upon its publication on the first yahrzeit of the Steipler's passing, the Hebrew book, Chomas Aish, (upon which this book is based) quickly became a best-seller in Eretz Yisroel and abroad.

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