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The Year of the Sword, PB


The Year of the Sword by Avner Gold is the third volume in the Ruach Ami Series published by C.I.S./Publications Division. The primary purpose of the Ruach Ami Series is to portray the heroic "spirit of my people" exhibited by the Jewish people in various times and places throughout history - especially in the face of crisis and upheaval. This book, as well as The Promised Child and The Dream, the previous volumes of the Ruach Ami Series, deals with a critical period in the lives of the Pulichever family. The Year of the Sword is set in the midst of the cataclysmic catastrophe that befell the Jewish people in Poland over three hundred years ago, a catastrophe that is all but forgotten. It is a story about the massive pogroms that characterized the Cossack uprisings of 5408 (1648) and 5409 (1649), the infamous years of Tach and Tat, as they have become known in Jewish history. The suffering of the Jewish people during the Cossack insurrections defies description. CD Two thirds of the Jews of the Kingdom of Poland perished under the Cossack sword, and the remnants were totally demoralized. The Golden Age of Polish Jewry came to a bloody and abrupt end.

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