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To Save a World vol. 1


As the conflagration of the Holocaust engulfed European Jewry, alarmed Jews in the free world desperately sought to help, but what could they do? The German armies seemed invincible. The Allies appeared indifferent, and their war laws made it illegal to send food or money to the occupied countries. Moreover, it was difficult to know what was really happening. Yet, despite these great difficulties, a number of Orthodox Jewish activists, limited in resources and influence but imbued with Torah values and extraordinary dedication, frequently achieved the impossible. They broke down walls of anti-Semitism, braved arrest for "illegal" activities and in the process, rescued tens of thousands of Jews and provided sustenance and consolation for countless others. Their stirring stories are proof of their special, Torah-inspired dedication to the rescue of their fellow Jews, which inspired them to unusual methods at great risk. The rescue efforts of these men and women have been etched into the honored annals of Jewish heroism. Each in his own way was a father or mother of untold galaxies.

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